Anhinga Grooming ©, Fine Arts Bird Photography

Anhinga Grooming ©, Fine Arts Bird Photography


This abstract anhinga giclee print provokes thought with it’s unexpected perspective on one of the most common residents of the southern shores. Artist Jeni Benos has an eye for the unusual and aims to capture intriguing, fleeting moments that portray her subjects in unconventional fashions. Rich colors combined with the contrast of the anhinga’s striking feather pattern make this print nothing short of stunning!

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Jeni spends countless hours perusing her fine arts bird photography when traveling to visit family in Florida. Anhinga are frequently seen along the jetties, marshes, and near virtually any body of water. They are a diving bird and feed by impaling their pray on a long sharp beak. Once they emerge from the water with thoroughly soaked wings, they cannot take flight again until their feathers dry out. So they must consequently perch on a rock or simply bask by the water with outstretched wings until a sufficient amount of moisture has evaporated from their waterlogged bodies. They will often utilize this down time as an opportunity to groom, as the subject of this gilcee did, or simply unwind and watch the world pass by.

Jeni finds the nuances of subjects like the anhinga endlessly intriguing and approaches her fine arts bird photography with a great deal of enthusiasm and patience. This anhinga was one of several Jeni encountered at a bird sanctuary. Seeing so many statuesque anhinga scattered through the coast may lead one to believe that they are a dull, mundane subject, however upon observation they are quite whimsical. During this particular trip to the sanctuary, Jeni witnessed one young anhinga played catch with a short sprig from a palm tree, repeatedly tossing it into the air and catching it. Although she photographed the event, none of the shots proved quite so noteworthy as her Anhinga Grooming.

Dazzling, vibrant colors combines with artistic depth and a compelling perspective make Jeni’s fine art bird photography truly outstanding! The Anhinga Grooming presents a captivating take on a common and warmly regarded shorebird.