Zodiac Pony Aries Necklace ©

Zodiac Pony Aries Necklace ©


"March 21- April 19 Aries leans forward towards his destination. He is ready to conquer anything in his path to achieve success. Whether Aries is leading a group or on his own personal mission he will be victorious. He has the drive and determination of a champion."

This charming sterling silver horse truly captures the vitality and energy innate to the sign. His charismatic personality shines through with a casual style, wonderful for continuous wear, day in and day out.

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Dimensions: 1 1/8” from the tip of the ear to the bottom of the front hoof.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” Sterling Cable Chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, Hand Polished

Aries stands alert, leaning forward slightly, his head up ready to gallop! They are forward, enthusiastic, fiery individuals, akin to the hotter breeds of horses. They never hesitate to begin a new endeavor and frequently find themselves in leadership positions. Jeni strived to capture all of the nuances associated with the first sign of the Zodiac in her Aries Necklace.

Personifying various personality traits and symbols of the Zodiac with horses presented some degree of challenge at times, however the vibrant fortitude of Aries lent itself wonderfully, and quite naturally to the collection. The Aries Necklace has a charming zest and whimsical style, sure to be adored.

Jeni carved the traditional astrological symbols into the haunches of each pony as brands. The brand personalizes the Necklace, making it of greater significance to it’s wearer. This brand can represent either the wearer or a faithful equine companion!