Zodiac Ponies Aquarius Necklace ©

Zodiac Ponies Aquarius Necklace ©


“January 20- February 18 Well known for being ahead of his time, Aquarius races to the front of the herd. His fresh ideas are sure to inspire new trends.”

Jeni’s amiable Aquarius Zodiac Necklace is forever engaged in a boundless leap, looking back to glance as the world follows in his hoofsteps! He is know to be a trendsetter, unafraid to embark on something new and create all the latest fads. This lively silver pony necklace can be worn any time and all the time, with a personal significance to the wearer that is sure to be cherished.

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Dimensions: 1 ˝” from hoof to hoof.

Chain: A choice of a sterling silver cable chain in 16”, 18”, or 20”.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished.

Independence and freedom are critical to all born under the eleventh sign. They cannot be tied down; the ability to leap off to a new adventure is essential to their happiness. Intellectual and humanitarian pursuits often peak their interests. Although sometimes shy, they are articulate and are typically quite intelligent individuals. They are concerned with the factual with a diminished level of importance given to the emotional aspects of life. Natural diligence and determination assist all of their endeavors and ultimately lead them to success.

The Aquarius Zodiac Necklace is a delightful rendition of the sign capturing its inherent traits in a casual and classy form. This expressive necklace boasts a high polished finish that shines exquisitely in the light. A corresponding brand indentifies the astrological identity of either the wearer or a dear equine companion!