Zodiac Pony Leo ©
Zodiac Pony Leo ©
Zodiac Pony Leo © 1

Zodiac Pony Leo ©


“July 23- August 22 An enthusiastic rear puts Leo in the spotlight where he will flourish. Endless energy and charisma charm those around him while Leo does what he does best... Entertain!”

Leo’s are normally some of the most energetic and vibrant individuals with a determined fiery energy that is immediately evident. The Leo Zodiac Pony epitomizes these traits with a clean, classic form fitting for everyday day wear and all occasions.

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Dimensions: 1 ¾” from the top of the bail to the bottom of his hoof.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver cable chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, hand polished

Known for their power and flamboyant spirit, those born under the fifth sign of the Zodiac thrive in the spotlight. They are natural leaders, yet quite generous and willing to help others. Although they typically find themselves poised as the center of attention, they possess a deep sensitivity that may not be instantly perceived. Independence and freedom are important to them, however they naturally draw others to them and relish the fact that they are rarely alone.

The Leo Zodiac Pony is adorned by a mane that rises slightly higher than those of other ponies in the series; it is intended to represent his dramatic, showy nature. Much like those born to the sign this pendant has a warm, charming energy, clearly observed in his proud and jubilant rear.

A carved brand on his thigh depicts the symbol for Leo and distinguishes the pendant with a personal touch. Human or equine can be identified by this delightful necklace!