Zodiac Pony Pisces Necklace ©

Zodiac Pony Pisces Necklace ©


“February 19- March 20 Reality and fantasy, as horses, stand tied together. Aware of their conflicted nature they glance at each other pondering a solution to their predicament. Pisces is a dreamer with a wild imagination, and an individual restricted by no boundaries.”

The pair humorously look back at one another capturing a playfulness inherent in the collection. The interaction of the two horses captures the conflict of the last astrological sign with a charismatic wit. The concept and casual style of the Pisces Zodiac Neckalce make this a perfect everyday accessory!

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Dimensions: 1 ¼” from the top of the bail to bottom of the hoof.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain in sterling silver.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished

Symbolically, two fish tied together, swimming in opposite directions traditionally represent Pisces. The hallmark of the sign lent itself quite well to the conceptual foundation of the collection. Replacing the fish with horses created a witty rendition based on symbolism. Twisted rope binds the pair together; one horse glances back contentedly only to be met with the pinned eared glare of her partner in a comical interaction between the two.

Creativity and sensitivity prevail in individuals born under Pisces. Various creative endeavors in the visual arts, theatre and music typically come quite naturally. They are often emotional and kind with a tendency to daydream.

The Pisces Zodiac Necklace sardonically represents the twelfth sign with a casual appeal. The astrological sign branding the top horse can indicate the sign of the wearer or beloved four-legged friend!