Bullet Toggle Bracelet ©

Bullet Toggle Bracelet ©


Jeniís Bullet Toggle Bracelet makes a stunning, yet subtle statement! With a heavy, sold, sterling silver cable chain, this piece has a luxurious heft and classical style. The powerful Smith and Wesson .500 ammunition shell casings works beautifully for one end of the clasp. While a small bullet for the other end, brings a striking contrast with itís proportions designed to match .22 ammunition.

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Size: Various sizes avaible from 6 ĹĒ up to 8Ē

Materials: Sterling silver, with S&W .500 shells used on one end of the toggle clasp.

Jeweler, Jeni Benos takes the time to machine the ends off of two .500 casings and solders them back to back, resulting in a more substantial piece. By using a second shell for the clasp on her trendy, bullet toggle bracelet, she also ensures a distinguished look from both sides of the piece. Jeniís meticulous nature, and many years of experience in fabrication, allows her to create a virtually invisible seam between the two casings.

Jeni designed the little silver bullet gracing one end of the chain to the proportions of a .22. She used her artist mark and the .925, quality mark as the head stamp for the tinny bullet. The chain is, of course, quality marked separately, the mark is normally found on the second link back from the .500 shell casing. All of Jeniís metals are properly stamped in all of her work.

Jeni has been working with metal more than half her life and has distinguished herself though creating fine jewelry, impeccably crafted, with a powerful message. Any enthusiastic shooter with an eye for fashion will enjoy the sporty flair of the Bullet Toggle Bracelet!