Revolver Gun Earrings ©

Revolver Gun Earrings ©


Jeni's stylized Revolver Earrings are fun and trendy! The tremendous detail involved includes a small hole at the end of the barrel, tiny sites, patterned grips and much more. They make a wonderful set when combined with the matching necklace! However, this versatile design can complete any look when paired with a wide variety of Jeniís gun related pieces. Or they can be worn to accompany an equestrian necklace thus capturing the spirit of the old west.

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Dimensions: 1 1/4Ē from the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the barrel, or 1 7/8Ē from the top of the ear wire to the end of the barrel.

Material: Sterling Silver, hand polished, rubber stoppers are included on sterling silver ear wires.

Jeni created these delightful revolver earrings years ago, however they have remained a staple in her gun related collection throughout time. A perfect compliment to many of her necklaces, they show a more literal depiction of a gun, while maintaining a lighthearted charm with their stylized features. They were loosely modeled after an old Smith and Wesson revolver, although Jeni did some take some artistic license in their production. Particularly in the outline of the grips, by giving them a more artsy contour. Jeniís fastidious natures shines through in the detail, each component is beautifully crafted and though stylized, still quite accurate in the construction of the little handgun.

Jeniís revolver earrings present a playful enthusiasm for shooting with a look reminiscent of the old west. They are an ideal addition to any avid shooters jewelry collection and wonderful for any country girl who enjoys western styled accessories!