Revolver Gun Necklace ©

Revolver Gun Necklace ©


Jeniís sterling silver revolver necklace has a convivial southern charm with impeccable detail. Loosely based on an older Smith and Wesson .357 magnum, Jeni stylized the grips a bit to enhance the light spirit of the pendant. It certainly completes any western styled ensemble with a classy edge!

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Dimensions: 1 ľĒ measured diagonally from the end of the barrel to the furthest point at the corner of the grips.

Chain: A choice of a 16Ē, 18Ē, or 20Ē cable chain in sterling silver.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished

Meticulous, attention to detail is the hallmark of Jenuinely Jeni Inc, and the revolver necklace exemplifies Jeniís exacting nature with finely crafted features like a drilled out barrel and minuscule sights. All hand made under various degrees of magnification. She even created a stylized version of checkered grips through, open criss crossing wires. Jeni took great care in creating the little cylinder, trigger, and trigger guard as well, keeping all proportions as accurate as possible.

The revolver necklace is available through the web site in sterling silver, however like most of Jeniís designs, it can be crafted in 14Y gold by custom order. A few 14KY revolvers have been released over the years, and they do come out quite striking, though more costly. Please feel free to contact Jeni for current pricing.

With all the warmth and quality of fine, hand crafted jewelry; the revolver necklace boasts lighthearted enthusiasm for country life. It presents a causal, Dixie sophistication, with a versatile style. Itís the ideal accessory for those with an appreciation for western styled jewelry, and sport shooters alike!