1911 Gun Necklace ©

1911 Gun Necklace ©


Jeni's 1911 is exquisitely carved! She even carved three versions of the grips before finding the perfect design for them. Jeni's 1911 gun necklace is bold yet it's dainty size makes it tasteful and classy. This is an ideal pendant for any enthusiastic shooter!

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Dimensions: 7/8” from the end of the barrel to the furthest corner of the grips.

Chain: A choice of 16”, 18”, or 20” Sterling Silver Cable Chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, Hand Polished.

This sterling charm portrays brilliantly hand carved intricacy, much of which was done under very high-powered magnification. The necklace showcases perfectly formed details from the delicately carved muzzle to a strikingly accurate portrayal of the various components that characterize the pistol. The grips took some careful consideration and at one point caused Jeni to set the piece aside for quite a long period of time. Her original thought was to use textured grips for her 1911 gun necklace, after all, that would be traditional. Textured grips with carved diamonds, were reverted to textured grips without diamonds. Both variations seemed cluttered, while a plain pair of grips seemed to lack luster. Adding carved diamond shapes to a plain high polished surface came out stunning and completed the look beautifully! The proper details for the pendant enhanced all of the intricate elements of the design while complimenting the style of the necklace and remaining true to the model 1911.

The small size of this 1911 gun necklace keeps it refined and unobtrusive. It boasts a bold pride in the shooting sports with a delicate charm and the impeccable detail that only a true artist can create.