roller derby jewelry

Roller Derby Necklace with .380 Wheels


The perfect addition to any derby girl’s attire! Jeweler, Jeni Benos sets genuine gemstones in .380 bullet shell wheels for a touch of bling. The roller derby necklace embraces a unique flare, highlighting enthusiasm for the sport with an attitude!

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Dimensions: 1 5/8” Measured from the top of the bail to lowest point of the front wheel.

Chain: A choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver cable chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, two machined brass .380 shell casings, and a choice of genuine gemstones.

This sporty skate is composed of sterling silver with fetching detail, mimicking the various seams and components of a low top roller skate. Wavy wire laces, a toe stop, and numerous finely crafted features allow open detail to prevail giving the pendant a light look and enhancing it’s contrast when worn over a bright color. Jeni machines the ends off of .380 ammunition cartridges casings to create the wheels. She solders a sheet of silver to the back of each casing and finishes the edge properly, joining the two elements with seamless precision. The back of shells are covered by sterling silver, those with metal allergies will not have to worry about brass touching their skin.

Jeni bezel sets genuine gemstones in the wheels of this trendy roller derby necklace. Amethyst, Mozambique Garnet, Swiss Blue Topaz, Peridot and Citrine are all offered through the website. Virtually any stone can be incorporated into the piece by custom order, however the price will vary.

Swank style with a tough edge makes this an ideal accessory for the rollergirl looking to rock a fresh look!