Contemporary Primer Ammo Necklace ©

Contemporary Primer Ammo Necklace ©


Jeni's Contemporary Primer Necklaces have a sleek, sophisticated style. Jeni carefully trims the casings to specific angles and arranges them in a pattern flowing down the framework. Having a rectangular outline requires careful precision. The placement of the bullet shells in this ammo necklace gives the pendant a feeling of graceful movement.

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Dimensions: Ranges in size from approximately 1 ½” to 1 ¾” Each pandant will vary based on the calibers involved to maintain proper proportions.

Chain: A choice of 16”, 18” or 20” sterling silver cable chain.

Material: Sterling Silver and three brass ammunition cartridge casings.

The contemporary ammo necklace has a distinctive, art deco style with open detail and an intriguing composition. The rectangular framework consists of square, sterling silver wire, meticulously fabricated, to ensure proper angles. Jeni machines the ends off of three brass shell casings for each pendant. All of her machining is done on a turn of the century lathe that she inherited from her grandfather. Quite conscious of the head stamp’s location on the shells and the angles at which every cartridge will look best; she marks each machined casing and cuts it at the appropriate point. She normally uses three shell casings of the same caliber. All of the more common pistol calibers are available from 9mm to .45acp. However, Jeni has made a few custom Contemporary Primer necklaces comprised of shells of various cartridges for a unique look and more personalized touch.

Jeni’s contemporary ammo necklace boasts a clean linear grandeur while conveying a subtle pride in our second amendment!