Scrolled Primer Sterling and Ammo Necklace ©

Scrolled Primer Sterling and Ammo Necklace ©


Jeni’s sterling ammo necklace has graceful scrolled lines and a musical feel. Hand hammered texture enhance the backdrop of the piece and reflect beautifully in the light. Each piece is set with a genuine gemstone and can be crafted in a number of small primer calibers.

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Dimensions: Proportions vary based on the caliber used, each will be proportionate to the caliber involved.

Chain: A choice of 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver cable chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, part of one brass ammunition cartridge casing, a genuine gemstone of choice.

Gemstone options: A choice of Amethyst, Peridot, Mozambique Garnet, Swiss Blue Topaz, or Citrine.

Artist, Jeni Benos begins her scrolled sterling ammo necklace with a heavy gauge of silver wire. She fastidiously hammers it out, widening the bottom and creating a tapered effect as she progresses up the metal strand. Once the overall shape has been established, she must remove some material along the design’s narrowest point to enhance the taper, creating the graceful backdrop for the shell casing.

Jeni machines the very end of the casing off in a thin shim and solders a sheet of sterling to the back in order to ensure a tidy appearance on the back as well as the front. Those with metal sensitivities may also appreciate that the brass does not touch their skin.

Scrolling wire swirls adorn the piece with a contour echoing an abstract g clef. However artwork is interpretive, many see a cross in the overall configuration of the sterling ammo necklace.

Jeni set a genuine gemstone in a bezel setting to enhance the piece with a touch of color. Several gemstones are available through the website and others can be special ordered by request, but the price will vary.

The Scrolled Primer Necklace is a striking piece with flowing wirework; it makes a powerful statement while maintaining the integrity of finely crafted, artisan jewelry.