Aries Zodiac Cat Necklace ©

Aries Zodiac Cat Necklace ©


March 21- April 19 Aries is ready to pounce! He wastes no time in his attack and always attains his goal.

Artist, Jeni Benos began by handcrafting the Aries Zodiac Cat in wax. It was later cast in sterling silver and hand polished for a striking finish. The casual, whimsical feel of this pendant make it perfect for everyday wear. The astrological symbol carved on the cat’s haunches gives the necklace a personal touch as well.

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Dimensions: 1” from the top of the bail to the lowest point under his back foot.

Chain: A choice of 16”, 18”, or 20” cable chain in sterling silver.

Being a cat person, Jeni was inspired to create her charming line of Zodiac Cats to match each astrological sign. Aries are traditionally fiery energetic and enthusiastic, personality traits quite easy and natural to portray in a cat.

Aries depicts a lively cat about to spring into action. Aries are driven, go-getters, and never hesitate to begin a project or dive into something new. The Astrological year actually begins with Aries; it is the first sign. Those born during this time frame tend to be natural leaders. The Aries Zodiac Cat embodies each of the personality traits naturally occurring in the sign with a charismatic energy!

The Zodiac Cats normally represent the sign of their wearer, however they are often purchased in honor of a loving a companion. If a pet was born under the sun sign of Aries, what better way to keep him or her close to the heart!