Dry Flower Buds, Art Print, Dancing Spirits©

Dry Flower Buds, Art Print, Dancing Spirits©

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Abstract Giclee Printed Photography

Dried buds adorn the rusty steel cable of some forgotten farm equipment. Much like the object they enshrouded, their time has past. Impressions of their previous life remain as dancing figures discreetly hidden among vast farmlands.

A stunning and somber rendition of country life captured through the small easily overlooked dancing forms of a few dried buds clinging to a rusty cable. Rendered to enhance the concept of passing time through the use of color, the soft blues and earth tones of the piece create a calm serenity. This fine arts prints is visually striking with a deeper emotional element gracefully conveyed by artist Jeni Benos.

Dancing Spirits was featured in the 2017 edition of southwestern Virginia's Artemis Journal! The Artemis Journal is a bound book printed yearly to compile visual and literary works from regional and national artists.