Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry by Artist Jeni Benos

Welcome to Jenuinely Jeni Inc!

As an artist, Jeni Benos enjoys a wide variety of mediums, however she specializes in handmade sterling silver horse jewelry and finely crafted bullet jewelry. Other nature-based themes are present in her work with cats, birds, deer and butterflies gracing her collection as well. Wildlife photography is also a passion for Jeni; she captures a variety of birds and animals on film from brown bears to graceful egrets.

The business Jeni B. Designs was established in 2004, the corporation Jenuinely Jeni Inc was developed about a year later. Initially her primary focus was on handmade equestrian jewelry. Jeni has had extensive involvement with horses throughout her life.

Jeni has always loved animals, and has been particularly captivated by horses. Before starting her business she worked at various barns, worked with rescue horses, volunteered at a therapeutic riding facility, attended an international riding academy, and even considered horse training as a career at one time. Naturally, equestrian designs became a significant theme in Jeniís work, a subject that has been present long before the start of her business.

This great love of horses has inspired her to create a countless number of equestrian deigns to fit every style and occasion. From her Zodiac Ponies, the collection that got her started in business, to her innovative and complex seamless hollow filigree work there is certainly something for every one. Due to this extensive experience with horses, Jeni is able to capture a wide array of equine personalities through her handcrafted designs. Any horse lover will immediately recognize the spirit and energy present in each sterling silver creation.

Other interests and hobbies have found their way into Jeniís art as well. Being a country girl at heart, Jeni enjoys pistol shooting in some of her spare time. This hobby led to a large collection of brass shell casings, which in turn motivated her to develop her Patented Pistol Petal collection. The Petals paved the way for a prolific line of gun themed bullet jewelry. As a professional fine jeweler, Jeni places a great deal of quality into this collection as well, using genuine gemstones and even crafting custom stone setting for some projects with accuracy up to a hundredth of a millimeter. All components other than the ammunition shell casings are sterling silver.

Jeni is occasionally inspired to work a bit larger. Artillery shells proved to be a wonderful medium for a large-scale sculptural version of her Patented Pistol Petals. These Patented Artillery Petals are one of a kind creations crafted to the same standards necessary for jewelry design, a quality not always found in larger works. Brass shells from WWI and WW2 combined with wither brass or copper components are transformed into stunning and unusual creations custom made to order.

Jeniís handcrafted designs also include cats, deer and various other subjects that may strike her fancy. She primarily works in sterling silver, which is often combined with brass cartridge casings for her shooting themed line. Jeni does offer a couple of design in 14KY and 14KW. Almost every item on her web site can be crafted in gold by special order, however the price will of course reflect the materials used.

Jeni frequently attends trade show in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana. However, during the course of her career she has sold her handmade jewelry at shows as far north as New Hampshire, as far south as Georgia, displayed at an Equestrian show in Colorado along with several other locations in the continental U.S. Falling into a few distinct niche markets, Jeni can often be found at gun shows; however she does diversify. Her work can also be purchased in a few stores throughout the country. Her extensive collection of handmade jewelry is always evolving and changing. Jeni constantly designs new and innovative pieces for her line.

Please enjoy browsing the pages of Jeniís website. Close to two hundred of her handmade jewelry designs are currently posted. Fine handcrafted artisan jewelry is always much more meaningful to own and enjoy, with quality to last a lifetime. The warmth and emotion behind each piece in Jeniís collection is immediately evident with a graceful lyrical quality that is sure to attract attention!

Over the years Jeni has been featured in several online and printed publications. Pages from the printed articles have been included on the website for your enjoyment.

Please feel free to read the articles and excerpts in these fine publications by viewing magazines featuring Jeni's work.

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