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Jewelry by Jenuinely Jeni
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Welcome to Jenuinely Jeni Inc!  

Jeni Benos meticulously hand crafts each one of her unique designs.  Jeni’s collection of Sterling Silver jewelry covers a wide variety of styles from fun and unique, to elegant and sophisticated.  Horses have been an inspiration to Jeni throughout her life.  Jeni’s Equestrian Jewelry explores all of the different phases and personalities of the horse.  Jeni also enjoys shooting as a past time and this lead her to create an extensive and quite elegant line of bullet jewelry.
Jeni Benos is inspired by her interests, and this has led her to incorporate some other materials into work.  Brass ammunition cartridge casings are a favorite medium for Jeni.  Jeni’s bullet jewelry is truly one of a kind!  As a metal smith, Jeni couldn’t stand to leave all of her brass shell casings on the ground.  For years Jeni collected all of her bullet shells knowing that some day she would find a use for them.  One day Jeni was struck with the idea for her first line of bullet jewelry, the Pistol Petals!   After making one Pistol Petal for a friend, Jeni created the first ten styles of her Pistol Petal jewelry collection.  The Pistol Petals led Jeni to continue to create more unique jewelry designs with her old ammo, each design adorned with scrolling sterling sliver wirework and/ or genuine gemstones.  Jeni is constantly creating new and striking collections of Primer Necklaces, Pistol Petals and other Bullet Jewelry Designs.  
Jeni has always been an animal lover and found a special affinity for horses.   Involvement with rescue horses, volunteer work at therapeutic riding facilities, and attending an international riding school have left Jeni with a profound respect for these beautiful animals.  Understanding the various nuances of the horse enable Jeni to create a line of horse jewelry that is not only elegant, but also full of life.   Equine personalities come though in Jeni’s jewelry designs, from the fun and playful, to the sophisticated and elegant.
Jeni Benos incorporates innovative concepts and techniques into each one of her hand crafted collections.   Attentions to detail, precision and quality materials are sure to provide the wearer with enjoyment for years to come!