Evening's Enchantment, Silver Stallion with Garnet ©

Evening's Enchantment, Silver Stallion with Garnet ©


A robust stallion among swirling vines captures your eye. Evening's Enchantment is strung with a necklace of genuine garnet and sterling silver beads for a rich look.

The addition of the gemstone beads formalizes the piece and makes it ideal for a special occasion. The silver stallion with garnet can also be worn as a dramatic accent for a night on the town. Sterling beads at regular intervals accompany the garnet, which adds to the elegant tone of the piece and accentuates the sterling silver form of the pendant.

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Dimensions: 1 3/8” by 1”. Necklace normally comes 17” or 19”, however custom lengths can be strung upon request.

Material: Sterling Silver, hand polished pendant, with garnet beads strung on beading wire with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Jeni’s silver stallion with garnet combines flowing graceful filigree with clean geometry. The fine lines of the filigree vines create the light open feel essential to the design. However the most intriguing elements of the piece lie in the negative space. The stallion is hidden among scrolling flora. An unusual approach to equestrian jewelry, and quite successful in it’s sophisticated fashion. The stallion has a dramatic crest with filigree vines surrounding his gallant form. The beaded strands are affixed to either side of a double hidden bail at either corner of the pendant.

Hand crafted artistry infuses this designs with a refinement full of warmth and unique charm. A distinctive, mature elegance makes this silver stallion with garnet beads a striking addition to any horse enthusiast’s collection of fine jewelry!