Evening's Enchantment ©, Filigree Pendant

Evening's Enchantment ©, Filigree Pendant


Evening’s Enchantment subtly portrays a stallion hiding among swirling vines. Artist, Jeni Benos, chose to explore a different approach to equestrian design with this elegant filigree pendant. By utilizing the empty space between the vines, Jeni created a bold stallion through a more abstract concept. Evening’s Enchantment captures all the grace of Jeni’s filigree with elegant sophistication.

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Dimensions: Just over 1 Ľ” by 1”

Chain: Choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” box chain.

Material: Sterling silver, hand polished

Jeni’s Evening’s Enchantment Filigree Pendant combines boldness with a soft grace. The stallion stands in a round frame with a stout powerful crest complimenting the strong geometry of the square outline of the pendant. Winding filigree vines add a rhythmic tenderness to the piece contrasting the power conveyed in the stallion’s stance. The stallion in this filigree pendant evokes an almost mystical spirit surrounded by lush greenery as if captured on a warm summer’s evening.

The use of the negative space in the design blends a deep level of artistry with a mature cultured style. The stallion is initially subtle to some. The overall shape of the design and the filigree vines are the most prominent features at first glance. The motion of the silver vines pulls the eye in a circular pattern around the piece, revealing the hidden horse. Open detail, in this filigree pendant, give the form a light look and allows for dynamic contrast when worn over bright or dark colors.

Evening’s Enchantment is an exquisite take on equestrian abstraction. Jeni constantly strives to portray the horse in unexpected ways while preserving all of the allure inherent to the Equine spirit.