Sterling Silver Horse with Amethyst

Pavane , Horses with Amethyst Briolette


Pavane features two horses with an amethyst briolette lightly dangling from the spot where their two front hoofs meet. They leap towards each other in an elegant dance. With long flowing tails and delicate features they compliment each other in perfect symmetry.

The Pavane was a popular and sophisticated dance in Europe during the Renaissance. The two horses in this necklace appear frozen in time, caught midstride in this cultured dance. The soft, flowing lines of the design bear an elegance fitting to the old world.

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This Pavane Necklace measures 2.5 from the end of each horses tail.

With the sterling silver figure eight chain it hangs at 18.5.

Jeni hand carved this design in wax initially. One of the most challenging aspects she faced with this piece was, of course, the symmetry. Both horses had to be perfect mirror images of each other. She took great care to ensure that the proportions were correct, melting and recarving various sections when necessary. Each detail is carved to perfection, from their dramatic scrolling tails right down to their delicate hoofs.

Pavane is cast in sterling silver and quality marked appropriately. The design was polished by hand for a brilliant finish.

The, Pavane, horses with an amethyst briolette accent, have a style and grace that any horse enthusiast is sure to appreciate. The genuine amethyst briolette gives it a touch of sparkle and makes it appropriate for a more formal occasion. However, it remains a wonderful accessory for any night on the town.