Entwined Horse Heart Necklace ©

Entwined Horse Heart Necklace ©


The Entwined horse heart necklace is not only artistically elegant, but displays a great deal of emotion as well. A mare and stallion, nose to nose, adorn the front of the piece. The stallion’s curly mane gracefully swirls around the top of this design while the mare’s mane wraps around the bottom of the form. Both manes meet on the back curling together and representing the deep connection the two horses share. Two delicately carved morning glory flowers embellish the back where their manes entwine.

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Dimensions: 3/4” wide X 3/4" tall

Chain: Choice of a 16”, 18”, or 20” sterling silver box chain.

Material: Sterling Silver, Hand Polished

Exquisite hand carved detail accent both sides of this lovely horse heart necklace which enhances both the artistic value and the versatility of the design. The mare and stallion grace the front of the design with harmonious charm, while the back of the piece is stunning as well and can be worn face out for a floral motif.

The lines of the two manes sweep around the whole design, strengthening a feeling of togetherness and love between the two horses; however this feature did present some engineering challenges. Jeni’s Horse Heart Necklace is hollow, seamless, and has detail on every surface. Creating molds of this nature for casting is quite complex in itself, however the complications multiplied with lines encircling the entire form. Jeni Benos is the only equestrian jewelry designer that works in this fashion. Wax models for designs like the Entwined pendant can take Jeni up to 100 hours of intense hand carving. She often works under high levels of magnification to ensure impeccable detail.

The Entwined Horse Heart Necklace is a wonderful gift for a loved one! It is ideal for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or any occasion. It’s also wonderful for a horse owner with two inseparable horses as friends.