Filigree Cat Bead by Jeni Benos With Two Kittens
Filigree Cat Bead by Jeni Benos With Two Kittens
Filigree bead necklace with a fluffy cat with his nose in a flower
Filigree cat necklace in sterling silver side view with flowers
Cat bead filigree necklace in sterling silver by Jeni Benos side view

Endearing Hearts Filigree Kitty Necklace


This necklace was inspired by some of the special kitties in Jeni's life! On one side two kittens cuddle side by side as their tails twist together to form a heart. The other side of the bead features a big fluffy cat with his nose in a daisy. Is he smelling it or eating it? If you only knew the cat! A lush floral garden with blooming daisies, filigree swirls and butterflies surrounds all of the frisky felines on this heartfelt sterling silver necklace.

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Each of Jeni's jewelry designs come with a story. The story to accompany Endearing Hearts is as follows...

It's all too easy to fall in love with a kitty! From the moment our little four legged companions come bounding into our lives we are enamored by their charming antics. From the endless energy and games of kitten hood to the soft gentle purrs and pats of old age they touch our lives in a profound way through their unconditional love.