Ivy ©, Filigree Horse Necklace
Ivy ©, Filigree Horse Necklace
horse necklace made of filigree flower vines
filigree floral horse necklace in sterling silver
view from back of floral filigree horse pendant

Ivy ©, Filigree Horse Necklace


Jeni’s, Ivy filigree horse necklace is striking in both it’s elegance and utter complexity. The pendant is exquisitely carved and has remained a personal favorite of the artist for many years. Details carved to perfection adorn every surface allowing either side of the piece to serve as the front. A hollow interior invites a degree of contemplation of a process that remains her closely guarded trade secret!

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Dimensions: 1” measured from the top of the bail to the lowest point.

Chain: A choice of a sterling silver box chain in 16”, 18”, or20”

Material: Sterling Silver, hand polished

Graceful floral vines begin as the mare’s mane and wrap around the three dimensional form of a horse. Like several of Jeni’s filigree pieces, Ivy took around 100 hours of tedious hand carving on the original wax. Hollow seamless filigree structures are rare to find as cast items. Needless to say the mold making for this process is quite unusual and immensely challenging. Jeni pushed the process one step further by including complicated undercuts. Her goal was not only to create an exquisite three-dimensional filigree horse head, but also to take on the challenge of elevating the complexity of the technique itself. Carving under the horse’s chin was one of the most difficult aspects of this model and required custom-made tools crafted by Jeni in order to accomplish the task. Every angle of this pendant is covered with graceful, delicately carved filigree.

The concept for Ivy began as a rough wad of scrap paper and masking tape. Jeni created the form of a horse and sketched a few vines and flowers over the top of it. This model made of tape is actually quite crude, but contains valuable information, such as the morning glory forelock. Looking at the original tape and paper “sketch” can certainly be enjoyable for the artist, although it’s hard to imagine others could possibly share the same vision when viewing the configuration.

Ivy’s majestic posture gives her a sophisticated, mature elegance. This unusual horse necklace is sure to be noticed and inspire conversation!