Sadie ©, Paint Horse Necklace
Sadie ©, Paint Horse Necklace
Sadie ©, Paint Horse Necklace 1
Sadie ©, Paint Horse Necklace 2

Sadie ©, Paint Horse Necklace


Sadie is an elegant and complex Paint Horse. She has different shaped spots on either side and can be worn facing either direction. She is completely hollow for a light and unique look.

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Jeni's paint horse necklace, Sadie, is full of personality! This filly's vibrant, charismatic personality really shines through. Her joyous leap embodies the feeling of freedom and energy she possesses. Artist, Jeni Benos, designs many three dimensional equestrian designs to be worn with either side facing outwards. The sculptural aspects of this paint horse are quite intriguing in themselves. Sadie's spots have wild yet graceful form and they connect to create the body of the horse and are unique on each side of this filigree horse pendant.

In creating paint horse, Sadie, Jeni Benos once again explores the delicate complexities in creating a hollow filigree form. Sadie presented several challenges in engineering a model and mold that would accommodate her four legs, as well as the differentiation of her spots on both sides of her hollow form. Although this equestrian necklace appears to employ a similar technique to designs like Ivy, and Guinevere, Sadie was actually drastically different to craft. That being said, the process to craft necklaces like these does remain a trade secret. Like many of Jeni's filigree equestrian designs, Sadie is of course seamless!

Jeni Benos constantly strives to create equestrian designs that involve unique processes or concepts. Sadie is a perfect example of Jeni's ability to push a process one step further and think outside the box. Both the technical aspects and design of this paint horse necklace make the filly quite an intriguing piece. Sadie is sure to attract attention and inspire conversation. She's ideal for anyone who loves horses and especially for those with an affinity for paint horses!