Entwined ©, Horses with Diamonds

Entwined ©, Horses with Diamonds


Jeni’s Entwined horse necklace with diamonds is not only exquisitely carved, but full of emotion. A mare and stallion touch noses on the front of this three dimensional form. 1mm Diamond or Sapphire accents add an extra touch of elegance to the design. The stallion’s wild, curly mane meanders around the top of the bead and around the sides while the mare’s mane flows down around the bottom of the pendant. Both manes loop together on the back with two little flowers growing out of the swirling lines. Jeni Benos designed this sterling silver necklace to be worn on either side. The floral pattern on the reverse depicts an elaborate, graceful pattern, quite strong in it’s own right. Warmth and togetherness are immediately evident in this design.

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Dimentions: ¾” Wide

Chain: Choice of 16”, 18”, or 20” Box Chain in Sterling Silver

Material: Sterling Silver- Hand Polished, and a Choice of 1mm Diamonds or Blue Sapphires

This seamless, hollow, filigree form adorned by horses with diamonds is not only beautiful, but also quite complex to create a mold for. The long sweeping lines of this pattern presented additional challenges when engineering the mold. Although the exact process is a closely guarded trade secret, the first step, and by far the longest step, is for Jeni to carve the design exactly as you see it in wax. Once a wax model is carved, a mold can be made. Seamless, hollow forms are quite rare to find in cast jewelry. Jeni’s seamless, hollow, filigree designs can take her up to 100 hours of hand carving time to create a model. They are well worth the effort in the end and the results speak for themselves!

The two horses are garnished with 1mm diamonds or sapphires as their eyes. The extra detail is absolutely stunning! Jeni meticulously flush sets the tinny stones under intense magnification. The added detail gives the design a more formal flare and makes it outstanding for a special occasion.

Jeni Benos constantly strives to implore innovative concepts and techniques into her jewelry collection. The Entwined, Horses with Diamonds, not only exemplifies these traits, but imparts a deep emotional connection as well.