Entwined, Filigree Horse Heart Earrings ©

Entwined, Filigree Horse Heart Earrings ©


The Entwined Filigree Horse Heart Earrings depict the same mare and stallion featured on the Entwined Necklace. The mare and stallion are on either side of a hollow form. Both horses wrap together along one edge, keeping the same romantic theme as the necklace.

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Entwined Filigree Horse Heart Earrings

On top of their grace and style, the Entwined Earrings possess a deep level of emotion. The two horses bear the spirit of a couple in love as they twist along the inside edges of the design, entwined together. Jeni created them by making one form, with a mare on one side and a stallion on the other. The concept behind making one double sided peice allowed Jeni to give the two horses a true connection by making them twist together. The stallionís wild curling mane encircles the design creating the graceful, intricate pattern of the form. The stallion has a bold, powerful crest creating the perfect contrast to the delicate features of the little mare.

These filigree horse heart earrings were hand carved by artist Jeni Benos under a high degree of magnification. Like much of Jeniís filigree, the Entwined earrings are hollow and seamless with detail on every surface. It is a very unusual and complex process that takes a great deal of patience and dedication. A number of the lines in this design sweep around the whole form adding to the complexity of the mold making process.

Jeniís filigree horse heart earrings are cast in sterling silver and polished by hand for an exquisite finish. They come with rubber stoppers for their sterling silver ear wires to ensure that they do not get lost. A card about Jeni is included and they are packaged in a black velvet box.