Morning Glory ©, Filigree Earrings

Morning Glory ©, Filigree Earrings


Jeniís Morning Glory Filigree Earrings are exquisitely hand carved with one lovely morning glory blossom on either side of the hollow forms. Like much of Jeniís filigree, they are seamless, hollow and covered in beautifully carved detail over the entire surface. Their hollow center not only gives them a light airy look, but also keeps them quite lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Dimensions: 9/16Ē from the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the bead, 1 3/16Ē with the ear wire.

Material: Sterling silver, with sterling ear wires and rubber stoppers.

The Morning Glory Earrings by artist, Jeni Benos, compliment the Guinevere Bead beautifully. These filigree earrings are adorned with the same floral morning glory pattern as the bead with winding silver swirls and delicately carved blooms. While they do make an excellent match for Guinevere, they are exquisite on their own as well.

Creating models and molds for cast designs in this hollow seamless fashion is quite an endeavor. The complexity of the process is both intense and demanding. Filigree earrings present a greater challenge due to their small size. The pattern involved in a smaller piece is normally finer in detail. Since carving wax is plastic based, it does get very fragile when the artist is dealing with such delicate design work. While in wax, Jeni must handle and carve them very gently to prevent cracking or breaking.

The Morning Glory Filigree Earrings work wonderfully for a special occasion; the ornate pattern can be an outstanding finishing touch to a formal outfit. However, their small size and versatile style make them appropriate for everyday wear as well.