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How I Got Started- Part 2- The Beginning of Jenuinely Jeni Inc.

My previous article began to explain the rather broad topic of how I got started. This is a question I hear often while at trade shows. My involvement in three dimensional and metal arts seemed a logical place to begin. Artistic talent alone however is far from enough to turn a skill into a business. […]

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In Good or Bad Company, the Critters of Giles County

My unexpected woodchuck guest who happened by the workshop last week unwittingly became the star of his own blog article. In turn, his comical presence motivated me to tell the tales of a few more of my Appalachian animal acquaintances. Living in a remote area does distance me from any excess of human population, but […]

Gecko Print By Ericka Hoffmann

Print by Ericka Hoffmann to Support Women’s Charities

I think it is virtually impossible to read about the various projects listed on the Girls Not Brides website without feeling driven to help in some way. This wonderful charity works diligently to educate and assist young women in developing countries. In these impoverished societies the female children are normally affected to a far greater […]

Horse necklace made for charity hanging on a branch

The Angeliki Horse for Charity Necklace Celebrates One Year of Giving Back

Just one year ago I released a necklace in memory of my great grandmother Angeliki in order to both raise money for women’s charities and raise awareness of issues facing women worldwide. In doing so I was awakened to some disturbing facts about just how prevalent issues of abuse and human trafficking are internationally and […]

Penny Chenery

2015 Secretariat Festival

This past weekend, September 18-20th, the Secretariat Festival was held in Paris KY. The event was created to honor one of the most successful horses in Thoroughbred racing history. The Big Red Horse broke numerous national and international racing records during his career with his greatest achievement- winning the final race of the Triple Crown […]