Kalina Filigree Teardrop ©
Kalina Filigree Teardrop ©
Kalina Filigree Teardrop © 1

Kalina Filigree Teardrop ©


Jeni’s Kalina filigree teardrop is exquisitely carved; her mane and tail gracefully swirl around the piece adorned by delicate wild roses. This filigree pendant can be worn on either side. While Kalina, the silver horse leaps across the front of the form; the back of the necklace is covered in swirling floral vines. Like many of Jeni’s design this piece is seamless, hollow and full of intricate detail on every surface.

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Dimensions: Approximately 1 ¼” from the top of the bail to the bottom of the teardrop.

Chain: Your choice of a 16”, 18”, and 20” Sterling Silver box chain.

Material: Sterling silver with a bright hand-polished finish.

Jeni originally found the name Kalina listed as a Hawaiian name, meaning flower. The name, of course, fit her filigree teardrop perfectly, and she knew instantly that it was an ideal choice for the design. Although she initially came across Kalina listed as Hawaiian, she also found that it had Greek origins as well. In Greek it is said to mean “beautiful”. Again, this is quite fitting, especially given the fact that Jeni is herself, half Greek.

The intricately carved filigree teardrop shape makes this design a bit more formal. When it was time to shape the delicate petals of the roses, Jeni created a custom tool especially for the job. Tool making is often necessary on more intricate designs.

This necklace is laser engraved with the appropriate quality marks for sterling silver and Jeni’s initials. The hand polished finish allows it to catch the light beautifully and really catch the eye.

The Kalina, Filigree Teardrop exemplifies Jeni’s attention to detail in an elegant and complex form. This design is perfect for those looking for a more innovative take on equestrian jewelry.