Horse For Charity, Angeliki ©

Horse For Charity, Angeliki ©


Equestrian Artisan, Jeni Benos created her Angeliki pendant to honor her great grandmother and support woman's charities. Two charities will benefit from the proceeds of the design and this stunning sterling silver pendant is full of meaningful details to represent strength and empowerment.

Jeni's great grandmother Angeliki had a difficult life to say the least. Although nothing could make up for everything she had to endure throughout her lifetime, Jeni wanted to honor her memory in a way that would help other women. Locally the Women's Resource Center of the NRV will be receiving a portion of the proceeds and the international charity Girls Not Brides will also be given donations.

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The Angeliki horse pendant was designed with a number of symbolic details. She has the roached mane of a war horse which is reminiscent of endurance and the drive to fight and persevere through adversity and abuse. Her mouth is open to remind those who find themselves in an abusive situation to speak out. A folk art pattern also adorns the sterling silver necklace with an old world style. Angeliki grew up on a small farm in Greece. It was well known that she loved horses and particularly enjoyed riding bareback. Using the form of a horse to represent her is also quite significant to the pendant.

The Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley is local to where Jeni resides in VA. It is a wonderful charity that provides help to all women and girls in need. They provide assistance in all areas, from times of crisis to promoting values and ideals that lead to healthy romantic relationships.

Girls Not Brides strives to educate women and girls in underdeveloped countries and instill a sense of self worth. They also fight the barbaric practice where men kidnap young girls and force them into marriage. Sadly this is still quite common in some parts of the world. It can be difficult for anyone fortunate enough to grow up and live in a civilized culture to imagine how some women are forced to live. Girls Not Brides has taken on the monumental task of fighting these ignorant mindsets with hopes of a brighter future.