Guinevere ©, Filigree Thread Earrings

Guinevere ©, Filigree Thread Earrings


Jeniís Filigree Thread Earrings are trendy and adjustable in length. Delicately carved morning glory blossoms adorn both sides of each bead. Graceful swirling vines seamlessly wrap around the form for an exquisite style and intriguing concept.

Hollow cast filigree designs that do not have a seam are extremely rare as the process is immensely time consuming and complex. Jeni has developed this unusual filigree technique throughout her career. The Guinevere bead and earrings set debuted this technique and earned the esteemed AETA innovation award in 2007!

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Dimensions: 9/16Ē measured from the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the hollow form.

Chain: Sterling silver box chain with wire end, length can be adjusted.

Material: Sterling silver with a hand-polished finish.

An adjustable length creates a wonderful versatility that distinguishes Jeniís Filigree Threaded Earrings and gives them a modern appeal. Wearing them long provides a more formal look, ideal for an evening on the town or a special occasion. Shorten them up for a sporty style with just a touch of elegance.

This striking set compliments the Guinevere filigree necklace beautifully, however they remain quite captivating worn alone as well, as they need nothing to enhance their refined artistry.