Birdwatching  Silver Cat Pendant

Birdwatching Silver Cat Pendant


A playful feline sits below a great tree gazing longingly at a small bird safely perched among the braches. This jubilant cat pendant portrays a whimsical scene. Both casual and classy, this artisan crafted design is ideal for any cat lover. Artist, Jeni Benos masterfully captures the feline spirit with a warm charisma through her exquisite hand carving. Initially hand carved in wax, Birdwatching was cast in sterling silver and hand polished on both sides for a flawless sheen.

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Size: 9/16 X 1 7/16

Material: Sterling Silver hand polished to a brilliant luster.

Chain: Your choice of a 16, 18, or 20 sterling silver box chain.

Tail curled and head tilted to one side this frisky feline abounds with life and personality! The aloof bird seems unconcerned by her presence knowing full well that he could take flight at any moment. This charming scene is delightfully portrayed in sterling silver with open detail contained within a long chic frame. The rectangular form grants a contemporary atmosphere to the setting while the sleek yet sophisticated outline of the amiable feline affords an art deco appeal. Graceful tree branches shelter the tiny bird and gently guide the eye in a graceful spiral around the piece. This cat pendant is not only full of artistic elegance, but it also tells a visual story.

Like so many, Jeni just adores cats and all of their witty antics. They have been an inspiration for her jewelry designs. Birdwatching displays a clever concept combined with a sense of humor that any cat lover can certainly appreciate!