Eventing Horse Jumping Keyhole Unrestrained Spirit ©


Jeni captured the essence of the cross country course in thee day eventing with this innovative sterling silver pendant. She is known for creating hollow seamless filigree forms. In creating Unrestrained Spirit she has pushed this unusual technique even further by incorporating a jumping horse who appears to be sailing right through the complex form. The wax carving and mold making are some of the most complicated in Jeni's collection with outstanding results!

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The spirit and fearless energy of the eventer are captured in this intriguing sterling silver pendant! A great eventing horse approaches any obstacle with fierce determination and unwavering confidence in his own power paired with his rider's judgment. He takes a leap of faith with his head lowered, pushing himself to his own personal limits to defy gravity and soar through his three dimensional abstract keyhole. Hand crafted by equestrian artisan, Jeni Benos.