Peridot, blue sapphire, and fancy yellow and green sapphire on a printed scarf

Why do some gemstones come in multiple colors?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why gems like peridot come in just one color while sapphires, though primarily found in blue, come in virtually every color with endless shades of each? That is because the color of some gemstones is derived from elements that are part of their essential chemical composition while others are […]

Penny Chenery

2015 Secretariat Festival

This past weekend, September 18-20th, the Secretariat Festival was held in Paris KY. The event was created to honor one of the most successful horses in Thoroughbred racing history. The Big Red Horse broke numerous national and international racing records during his career with his greatest achievement- winning the final race of the Triple Crown […]

test clear stones with a moissanite tester

Synthetic Moissanite a Stone Based on Deception

As a jeweler with training through the Gemological Institute of America, I have a deep appreciation for genuine gemstones. Diamonds have captivated women throughout the ages with their brilliant allure. They are classically associated with engagements and rightfully so with characteristics to match such a wonderful occasion. Much like true love diamonds are rare with […]

Rainbow over New River's Edge Inc.

Explore the River with New River’s Edge Incorporated!

For all those who live in or around the New River Valley, I would highly recommend paying a visit to New Rivers Edge Inc. They offer several options for cruising the river with a flexible schedule. Founder, Paul Moody displays a genuine desire to share the splendor of The New River with as many patrons […]

Photograph of sterling silver filigree horse necklace

Photographing Jewelry and Highly Reflective Items

Welcome to my new blog! I’m so glad you found the page and I hope you enjoy reading about the various facets involved in creating jewelry. As a first topic I’ve decided to write about product photography. I have been working on posting some new designs to my web site lately. The most challenging part […]